10 Proven Traffic Strategies For Webmasters On A Budget

I have said this time and gain, “traffic is the lifeblood of a website.”

While that remains true, what I have discovered recently is that targeted traffic is a website’s lifeline; traffic can be the reason why you should keep a website going, but targeted traffic that converts into customers or earns a website profit is what will keep the site alive.

Regardless of what everybody else says, I believe Pay Per Click advertising to be one of the best traffic to get; it’s fast traffic, and laser targeted especially if you know how to leverage on the features within an PPC advertising program such as Google AdWords.

Unfortunately, many don’t know how to get started on PPC and many probably cannot afford this type of paid traffic yet.

So here are 10 traffic tactics that will bring your website visitors, and will not cost you a cent but will need your time and energy.

1. Facebook Marketing

Create a Facebook account, and build your network, target people you have something in common with. Your contact are your captured audience for your posts and messages.

2. Twitter Networking

Create a Twitter account and just like Facebook, build your network.  Twitter is the fastest way to build contacts online.

3. Forum Marketing

Join forums and bulletins where you can interact with other members,  post messages and links. Forums are virtual communities bound by common interests and topics. Find the forum which you believe your prospects are found.

4. Classified Ads

Post ads on classified ads sites like Craig’s List or US Free Ads. They work just like classifieds on a newspaper but are on websites.

5. Social Marketing

Social Marketing is a very broad topic to tackle and actually Forums, Social Networking sites like Facebook are actually social sites themselves.

However this sections a different set of Social Networking sites; sites where you can create your accounts and add your own content, sites like Squidoo, Hubpages and Tumblr; on blogs like WordPress.com and Blogger.com. Publish content related to your website on these sites and link them to your website.

Go to Social Marker and create accounts on all the Social Bookmarking sites it submits to, then bookmark your site and posts. Social bookmarking sites are another type of social website that allows its members to bookmark their favorite websites and web pages, for other members to see and check out.

6.YouTube Marketing

Create a YouTube account and upload video content that is related to your website. The best way is to create your own videos to minimize the risk of having to deal with copyright issues. Your videos will link to your main website.

7. Article Marketing

Write helpful and informative articles that relate to the market you are in or the product or service you offer. Try to keep this articles short, people are busy and on the internet, they want information that they can take action on, and finish reading quickly. A 500-600 article is ideal, not too long yet concise enough to resolve a certain issue. Submit these articles to article directories like ezinearticles.com, articlebase.com, articledashboard.com or goarticles.com. Be sure to link from those articles to your website.

8. Blog Comment Linking

Find blogs that are high traffic and related to your website content and leave comments by contributing your opinions regarding the blog topic.

9. Press Release Submission

Every time you have something new to offer, or you have something newsworthy worth publicizing, write a press release and submit to free press release websites like www.free-press-release.com and www.pr-inside.com.

10.Feed Marketing

Create an RSS feed on your site, and submit that feed and the RSS feeds of your social sites and blogs to RSS feed directories.

The most important thing to remember is, your website content should be of value to the people who visit your site. Whether it is helpful, useful, funny, or crazy, content that engages a visitor often results in even more visitors.

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