3 Ingredients to Effective Online Brand Management

Online Brand Management

is actually easy to do, much easier to do than traditional brand management. Primarily because monitoring and metrics are so easy to acquire and more accurate in the online marketing space. You can also make faster changes to adjust your campaigns according to data you are able to instantly get.

So what are the 3 ingredients that are going to ensure the success of managing your brand identity over the internet?

Social Media
There are so many blogs, social networks and online forums and communities out there today that people use regularly, and where a lot of consumer often talk about a product, company, a service, a BRAND.

In a recent article on GirlsInTech.net entitled , the author mentions that a lot of negative feedback from consumers typically appear on these sites and while it is impossible to control negative commentary, the best thing for product owners to do is be in touch with their market, be ready with a plan or a set of responses to deal with specific issues, and if something catches you off guard that you did not prepare for, respond quickly.

This is usually how online reputation management professionals deal with these situations, but if you want to really build your brand identity online, don’t simply be reactionary but be proactive, adhere to good business practices and make customers happy. Prevention is always better than cure.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
A few weeks ago I wrote a post about and how a key element was developing a set of keywords that you may use consistently as part of your offer or positioning in order to successfully associate your brand with those keywords.

SEO knowledge will help ensure that your publicly viewable correspondence or communications about your brand on social sites will get top visibility on search engines to build a healthy search engine reputation. This is brand reputation management specifically targeted at search engines, where keyword searches for your brand coupled with other keyword modifiers yield results that help prospects who are researching your brand, decide on buying you.

Tracking and Documentation Skills
Each online marketing strategy has specific goals and those goals are evaluated based on very specific quantifiable data that you need to acquire, measure, track and use as basis to further tweak whatever you are doing for brand reputation or brand identity management efforts.

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2 Comments on "3 Ingredients to Effective Online Brand Management"

  1. Great article Roy and I agree. ORM at it’s most basic level is very similar to brand management – provided the client is willing to engage (which surprisingly many aren’t).

    Looking forward to further insightful posts,

    Tim Shier

  2. Hi Tim, thanks for the visit. For those that don’t we just need to show them why it is important and why it can affect their bottom line, which I believe to be the most important thing for a business owner.

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