3 Simple Tips to Easily Increase Business through Your Website

Here are 3 Simple Tips to Easily Increase Business through Your Website, and it is not about high tech optimization, complicated programming or advanced SEO or marketing strategies. These tips are very simple, basic tips which I believe to be rudimentary to website usability, and are a must to ensure that you are converting your visitors into leads or even customers.

I always look at websites as marketing tools to achieve very specific and quantifiable goals, and these will certainly increase your figures, if you are not already doing these on your website.

Add Working Business Number on the Website
How many people do you think went through your website and had the urge to immediately get more information by simply picking up the phone and calling you?

Believe it or not, a lot of business websites make the mistake of not putting a working phone number, or do have a number on it but routes to a voice mail box or a facsimile machine. Not a lot of people like to leave voice messages on the first contact, and for those that do, they are no longer hot leads or “hot” about your product when you call them back later. Of course, I do not need to elaborate on how annoying it is to get a fax tone instead of a human voice ready to answer your inquiries.

This just happened very recently to me, I wanted to take the family out to dinner at this restaurant I have been hearing good things about but have never been to. So I searched for their website on Google to find out about reservations; I did find their website and found their number. I called a total of three times and each time, I always got a FAX machine. I gave up and dialed another restaurant and made my reservation. So here is a question; how much business do you think that restaurant is losing from calls from potential customers who get a FAX tone?

Add Simple Contact Form on the Website
Yes contact forms are much better than simply putting your email address on your website in text form. This is because if you put your email address in text format, it is going to get harvested by SPAM bots then you are going to get spammed with all these PPC crap… by PPC I mean porn, pills and casinos.

I notice that a lot of websites have complicated contact forms with too much information to fill in. You want to make things easy for your visitors, so try to keep your contact form to just the name, email address and the inquiry. If you have a product whose audience might be open to providing a phone number, then go for it. The idea is, to make sure your visitors are comfortable about contacting you and that they do so knowing their information is safe. Typically name, email address and inquiry box is sufficient, but what I would suggest is run a test, and do a split test on the contact form, one with and the other without a call back number. That way you are able to see which one is more effective.

It is also important that you reply to them withing a reasonable amount of time. It is ideally best to include a notice near the contact form indicating that, “their personal information is safe with you and that this data will not be sold to other parties or used for other purposes” and “state the amount of time you are likely able to get back to them”. If you say you can get back to them in two business days, strive to get back to them in less and not more.

I do a lot inquiring about products and services online, and let me tell you, a lot of them do not reply on time and by the time they do, I had already contact and given the business to someone else. Again the question is; how much business are the late repliers losing to those who promptly address inquiries?

Prepare a Script and Bonus or One Time Offer
By this I mean, you should have a set of ready made answers to questions you already know you will get asked, whether it is on the phone or through email. Always sound prepared because it makes you sound like you do know what you are talking about, even if you did know what you were talking about but fumble about in your answers, that does not make a good impression.

Always END with a quick action bonus or one time offer, tell them that you happen to have a special promotion on going, then tell them about the offer. If you are selling one specific product or service, then the special offer must be about the service. Otherwise if you carry a variety of products or services, the offer must be specific to the product/service the person is inquiring about. You are going to significantly increase conversions by offering them additional value to a purchase if they act within a specific time. You can also offer them membership to your newsletter if you have one. Newsletters are great ways to not only deliver useful information to your subscribers but is also a way of building on that rapport you have with them and warming them up to your product/service. Marketing is about relationships, and the decision to purchase from someone is in part influenced by the amount of trust a potential buyer has on the seller.

Put these critical elements into your website and into your website marketing mix and you will certainly see an increase in conversions.

Image Source: www.onlinebusinesstips.com

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