4 Simple Tips to Twittering Success

So you have been Twittering for a while now and you are starting to gain a good number of followers, the question now is.. what next?

I want to give you some tips that will help you succeed in Twitter, which are typically best practices that people successful in social media, live by.

Engage People
Start a conversation, and sometimes this is often best done by starting a question about an interesting subject. Answer other people’s questions especially if they are going to help them out, they would appreciate that greatly. Comment on other people’s tweets, but make sure it is also something helpful.

Don’t Just Sell

People hate marketers. We know that as fact. So if you start a conversation, or if the first message you send someone is an ad or a link to something you wish to promote… you are going to piss people off.

Retweet Messages
By retweeting you are passing off other people’s tweets to your followers, when you found that tweet useful. By retweeting you put that message and the author of that message in front of all your followers, giving that person more coverage and potentially more followers, as there is a chance that your followers who found that retweet useful will also follow that person.

Provide Value
Don’t simply put out crap and inconsequential messages, remember that you want to provide something that your followers appreciate and not regret following you and getting your updates. Unless of course all your followers are friends and family who don’t really care what it is you are mulling over. However if your Tweeting is for business, be selective of what you say.

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