5 Easy Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

5 Easy Ways to Increase Blog Traffic
By Roy M. Sencio

Unless of course you’re a celebrity, why should anyone be interested to read your blog? And stop giving lame excuses to yourself that it is for your own pleasure and stuff. If it is so personal and pleasurable to you, why blog? You can always have and write your own diary that you can keep secret. Come on, a blog is a public article – give the attention that it deserves; make sure that people read them and appreciate them.

The main problem with almost 90% blogs is that they go unread. Why? Because the visitors can’t find your blog in the first place! Yes, that is the truth. There are some unique ways by which you can promote your blog. These are simple strategies that anyone can use and benefit from. The main idea of a blog is to generate traffic and readers that would read it.

Blog promotion is not impossible:

• Pillar Articles: If you can make some article length introductory remarks on your own blog, that will help generate more curiosity amongst the prospective readers. This will give them an idea of the quality of the posted blog. This habit will help you develop and generate some credibility amongst your readers. This habit should be made periodic; more when there is a change in your blog topic.

• Frequency: If you post more, you will be read more. People like to read only those blogs which are updated regularly and the author posts regularly. Try to keep as less time gap between two posts as possible. Too old blogs will make you lose your blog’s ‘public-appeal’!

• Domain: A domain name is also very important. Choose one which suits your blog and topic. That will help the readers to recall the address faster and easier.

• Comments: This is the most important part of your blog. Leave a space for comments. Critical analysis and comments on your blogs will surely attract more traffic to your blog. Increase blog traffic by giving others chance to add regular comments. Leave comments on your own blog as well!

• People: Other people matter too! If you give sufficient time to other people’s blogs and leave comments, chances are that they will read yours too! And will help spread more by word of mouth! Readers are the lifeline of your blog. Do not cut-off resources for them.

Moreover, you can use keywords to promote your blog. Increase blog traffic by using attractive headings and unusual ones. That is indirectly marketing your creative base! Let the people know that you’re a serious blogger and you mean business. The niche also is very important. For example, if you’re doing a product review, you’ll invariably get more traffic than if you did your review! These ways will guarantee a FREE and fastest ways to increase traffic to your blog.

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