There are two things that are most important to me, marketing and music.


My forte, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Online Branding and Social Media Marketing.

I have mastered the process of developing offshore teams, that support online marketing initiatives of companies in North America.

Writing, link building, SEO and other tasks that can be accomplished by a remote unit, can be challenging for most companies who have never done it. My experience and knowledge on sourcing, training and managing these teams will help any company scale, get better visibility online that translates into more business.

I am currently based in NY, as Marketing Manager for a Law Firm.

My past experience….

10 years as radio broadcaster and radio commercial producer, I have written copy for, voiced, and produced hundreds of radio commercials for my clients since 1993. I have at one point been a sales manager and marketing director in the broadcast advertising world.

5 years as an advertising consultant, and then a couple more in the cable tv industry producing shows, commercials and other forms of video content.

I believe that available technology and gadgets of the day influence people and how they live their life; it changes how they find entertainment and education, and most importantly how they receive information.

Realizing that the Internet will play a major role in marketing and perception building, I crossed over to Online Marketing in 2006 when asked to join an online marketing company as Online Media Buyer. A wise career move, that would later take me to Silicon Valley in 2008.


The Musician

I have been in and out of different bands since 1987, been part of cover bands and bands that recorded original material, one such band signed with a major music label. I am also a published song writer.

My favorite guitars are: a Fender Stratocaster, PRS Custom 22 and a Gibson Les Paul, and amps… Vox AC30 and Marshal 1959SLP amplifiers. While I do appreciate and listens to all sorts of music, jazz, classical, new age and world music to more contemporary songs, my playing style and preference is rock.

There are three more guitars I need to have; Richie Sambora’s Signature Strat, Eric Clapton’s Blackie and Eddie Van Halen’s Wolfgang.

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