Affiliate Marketing Video 3

This is Affiliate Marketing Video 3, the third of a series of videos on Affiliate Marketing.

Today I went to weekly band practice but before that I thought I’d shoot a quick intro to the this third video on affiliate marketing. In this video, I show you what I look at when selecting the right product to promote on the ClickBank marketplace.

It kind of picks up where we left off in video 2, and if you have not seen video 2, you can check it out here… Affiliate Marketing Video 2.

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  1. Hi. I came across your site last night when I was desperately seeking for simple instructions on how to start affiliate marketing. I’m a stay at home mom w/ a special child and a total newbie when it comes to affiliate marketing. Im so glad I saw your site at Ezine!
    Your videos are so simple to understand and i will follow your step by step guide..
    Cant wait to see your next video/s!

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