Ayala Center Cebu is an Email Spammer

Ayala Center Cebu - Email Spammer

Ayala Center Cebu - Email Spammer

Yes Ayala Center Cebu

is an email spammer! But wait, you are sitting there wondering, “what on earth is an email spammer?”

Email spam is in a nutshell email that you did not request to receive that contains advertising about products or services. I am sure everyone has one time or another, or maybe even very often received email about Viagra, penis enhancers, casinos and PORN! Email that you receive that have advertising that you did not voluntarily request to receive is SPAM!

So back to Ayala Center Cebu and their email spamming.

I have been getting email from them for so many months now, from this email address feedback@ayalamalls.com.ph; sending me all these ads about their sales, promotes etc.

I had already written back to that address asking them not to send me any updates primarily because they are not getting any money of out of me since I am in the US, plus… it really is kind of annoying to receive advertising that I did not ask to receive in the first place.

But, they of course did not reply to me. I sent a few more emails to them but still no reply, and today I still receive all their email updates.

So I am going to make this a lesson for business owners who think they know what they are doing when it comes to email marketing.

Email marketing is a great way to promote your business, product or service. Direct marketing that is also significantly cheaper than putting ads on the radio or newspaper. It is definitely an effective and cheap way to get your message across. But here is how most businesses get it wrong.

When you do email marketing, you send out updates or messages to prospects on your mailing list. These prospects or “leads”, should be properly opted in or qualified. Otherwise, they will not convert into a customer. They have to declare to you clearly, that they want to receive your updates, otherwise you are just sending follow up messages to deaf ears who are not going to buy your product. It is easier and more profitable to promote something to people who are interested than to people who are not.

If you just blast out advertising messages to anybody and any email address you can find, your conversion rates are going to be ultra low because the leads or people you send out your message to are not properly qualified and neither did they properly opt in to your mailing list to get your updates, and you will be annoying a lot of people like the email spamming that Ayala Center Cebu has been doing.

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