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Twitter: Is it Worth the Effort?

ShareTweet Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak before a group of small business owners who wanted to know how they could market their businesses online through a website. While a lot of questions were…

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Free Twitter Guide for Download

ShareTweet I just spent the entire evening putting together a free Twitter guide for friends of mine who did not quite get Twitter. Hopefully this sheds some light into the nature of Twitter and well,…

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How to Use Twitter in Business

ShareTweet In this post I will show you how to use Twitter in business, especially for those whose business has an online presence. You can use Twitter to get people to your website to promote…

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How to Use Twitter

ShareTweet There seems to be a huge number of people who are not sure how to use Twitter , and how they could use this ground breaking tool to their advantage. Twitter is basically a…

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4 Simple Tips to Twittering Success

ShareTweet So you have been Twittering for a while now and you are starting to gain a good number of followers, the question now is.. what next? I want to give you some tips that…

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