Google Caffeine Update Kicks In On January 2010 Says Matt Cutts

In a recent interview with Web Pro News, Matt Cutts (Google) talks about Google Caffeine, the impending Google algorithm update which is set to be fully in place in January of next year, but will actually already be working  on one data center before the holidays. He also mentioned that load speed will become a factor in the algorithm… meaning you get plus points if your page loads fast and that can help the ranking for that page. I believe that to have been a factor a long time ago though.

They don’t want to get webmaster up in arms again with an update right before holiday season where webmasters found their rankings disappear, and visitor and sales stats plummet. That happened already some years ago with the Florida update.

Watch the interview with Web Pro News below.

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  1. You’re right — I think loading speed has been a factor for a while. In general, this is going to be a huge update. I have written about several things that I think SEO’s need to watch out for. In particular, I anticipate possible penalties for using url rewrites of dynamic urls.

  2. I also think website loading time is crucial factor in Google Caffeine update, websites with fast loading rank high, also other factors that I noticed accountable for good ranking are clean code, social bookmarking like facebook, twitter, hub pages, and good link structure with no broken links.

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