Google Says My Blog is Number 1 in the Philippines

When people in the Philippines go to , and type this phrase, online marketing consultant… this blog comes up in the top spot, number 1 just as you see in the image below.

That was a few days ago though.. the big question is, is it still number 1?

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  1. Congratulations Roy! I think you deserve to be number 1 given the volume of valuable content you provide here for people looking for online marketing consultant.

    I have a website too and it usually ranks high for my keywords. And these keywords, I believe, are the same words used by those who looking for the services that I provide. I do not really know much about SEO’s and other online marketing tactics. I simply try to ensure that I also provide articles of great content. You can find my website here –

    However, I realized that there are other people who seem to be watching my website because the keywords which I have been using (which they did not use before) are now being use also by the expert in internet marketing. Funny thing is that they sometimes even used the same wordings that I use.

    Anyway, again, congratulations for being number 1.

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