How to Create an Online Branding Strategy

A lot of people get a little confused when it comes to branding, so I recorded this video on how to create an online branding strategy to help you put together a plan that will develop trust in your brand.. whether it is a product, service, company or simply your name; increase visibility on search engines and a corresponding increase in traffic from search engines; and finally increased visibility on other websites such as Web 2.0 and social sites plus an increase of referred traffic from these websites.

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  1. Hi Roy, great video! Very organized way to learn how to brand yourself online + useful tips…

    I’d also like to recommend a branding tool I’ve been using called LookUppage (, used to create web pages, for personal or business purposes. The web page becomes visible on all search engines (highly visible on google’s first page!) and the service comes in free or premium versions.

    Check it out…
    Udi Drezner

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