How to Get a Blog Indexed Fast on Google

How to get a blog indexed on Google seems to be every blogger’s dilemma. Getting indexed on Google simply means, Google is aware of your website and has a copy of the pages found on your site on its database. It does not mean that you will already rank for certain keyword searches on the engine, but that is the step in that direction.

But is getting a blog indexed on Google really that hard? To be honest, it really isn’t. Google is a lot faster today than it was last year or two years back.

Last night I launched a new blog on a new domain that I also registered yesterday. It is a WordPress powered blog and all I did was set it up and add one post. I also made sure to strip away the default post (hello world) that comes with a new WordPress install, and removed the About page and the links it had on it. So what did I do to get it indexed on Google.. in just an hour?

Here are the steps I took.

  • Installed WordPress
  • Removed default post, about page and links
  • Changed permalink structure from default to %postname%
  • Added plugins; SEO for WordPress plugin by Yoast, TweetMeme Twitter, Facebook Share button, activated them
  • Added proper title and description to the blog
  • Published first post
  • Added Google Analytics and set it up on Webmaster Tools
  • Launched sitemap, a feature built in to the SEO for WordPress plugin, made sure to check ping all four search engines option
  • Bookmarked the main page URL on Delicious, Reddit.. pinged the new pages that were created in the process
  • Submitted the feed to Zimbio, and checked if the new post also got published on Zimbio
  • Tweeted the URL using a relatively new Twitter account with 3 followers, but used 3 hashtags that related to the topic

After all that, and an hour later the site was already indexed on Google.

So it really is very easy to get a new blog indexed on Google. But here’s the added bonus which I had not anticipated to happen so soon, it now is ranked on the 9th page of Google for its exact phrase in the domain. The domain is actually a two word phrase for a specific service, and for security reasons and to ensure that my traffic data does not get skewed by people visiting it, I cannot reveal the domain name. It is ranking without any significant link building, and I am confident with a few more good links and some time, this blog will be on the first page of Google in a few weeks to a month. Of course I speak confidently because I have done this many times before.

Just follow the steps above and you fill find your blogs getting indexed quickly on Google, and you are going to be a step closer to ranking for your target keywords and more importantly increasing your chance of getting more people finding and reading your blog.

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