How to Use Twitter

There seems to be a huge number of people who are not sure how to use Twitter

, and how they could use this ground breaking tool to their advantage.

Twitter is basically a means for you to get real time updates about what your friends or family are up to.. and have the ability to reply or comment on those updates. Twitter is essentially a networking and a fast and easy communication tool that can be used in a variety of ways, but let me tell you about three.

How to Use Twitter as tool to keep in touch with people that matter to you.

Twitter is a social networking site, a micro blogging tool that allows you to publish posts 140 characters at a time… just enough to be able to briefly tell people who are “following” you, what you are up to.

Following people means, you start to receive posts they make because, you probably know them (personally or not), and want to know what they are up to.

Twitter as a customer support tool for businesses.

Ten years ago, people loved email, people loved getting it, people loved sending it… and yes it was so cool to have your own email address.

Today with rampant spam, and spam filters unable to prevent some spammy email from getting through to your Inbox, people are actually not as eager to check their email addresses.

What does this mean for a business who wishes to keep in touch with their customers and do a little after sales support?  Only a small number of your existing customers are going to get your support emails, and those that do… simply avoid or ignore them.

With Twitter you are able to broadcast short and non spammy messages to customers regarding issues or concerns pertaining to the service or product they subscribe to or have bought.

How to Use Twitter as a Business marketing tool.

Twitter is also a great way of getting the word out about a service or product you wish to promote, since you are able to seek out people to add on your network based on certain criteria such as interests, professional backgrounds or location.

This is one facet of Twitter that is most often abused by many, and many are not doing it the right way.

Remember that, if a person is not interested in who you are or what you have to offer then they would not follow you to get more of what you have to offer. Here is permission marketing best used, if you have a Twitter account that represents a product or service then the posts you publish should be of value to people who you deem to be your target market… they find you by using certain keywords that you use on your posts, they read your posts and get them interested in what you have and follow you to get more of what you publish, they click the link to your website and the job of selling them your product is half done!

In conclusion, regardless if using Twitter for personal or business purposes, you should keep in mind is that people follow you on Twitter because they believe you are worth following due to familiarity, relationship or what they can benefit from receiving your Tweets… and if the latter be the reason for the follow, make sure you do deserve it and not make them regret doing so.

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