Islands Banca Cruises: An Example of Healthy Search Engine Reputation

In the past I have always used Islands Banca Cruises on my blog posts on SEO, online marketing and linking… what can I say.. apart from believing it to be a good product, I also know some of the people behind it and am good friends with Kitchie too!

In fact Kitchie mentioned to me their idea of putting together a website when I was still based in Cebu, and they did register their domain for their website on April 13, 2008.

So, let us say you were someone who knew what you want to do and where to do it… specifically island hopping in cebu. You got wind of it from either friends, or maybe saw a feature on TV, or a magazine. But, you have no idea who to contact in Cebu for island hopping.

So you would likely ask around, OR go to Google and type keywords related to what you want to do… so you would type in keywords like…

– island hopping in cebu

– island hopping cebu
– cebu island hopping

Guess what, the Islands Banca Cruises website ranks at the top of Google for those searches… studies show that the website at the very top of the search results always gets the most traffic.

So from there, as a potential customer you find their website, browse around their site, check out photos, rates, promos and packages, etc. But you want to be sure you are actually going to get good service, and you may have a few doubts about giving your hard earned money to them… I mean, all the information on their website is supposed to sell their service right? So how do you find out if they are the best island hopping service provider to choose?

You either ask friends if they have heard about Islands Banca Cruises OR, go back to Google and do a search for the brand name, Islands Banca Cruises, or Islands Banca Cruises coupled with other keywords such as reviews, comments, good experience, etc. What you are doing now is actually trying to find a reason for you to justify your purchase decision, you already know what you want to buy but might need convincing… and the results you will find will indeed convince you because…

If you take a look at the results for the phrase, Islands Banca Cruises, you will find that the top 10 results are a mix of other people talking about their overall positive experiences with Islands Banca Cruises on their own blogs, there are also website directories where Islands Banca Cruises has been listed and finally a forum. This is a good mix of sites that contribute to an overall positive Search Engine Reputation that help reinforce a positive product perception among its potential customers.. and it is not because of good SEO, but also good marketing paired with good business practice that leaves customers happy, happy enough to voluntarily talk about the experience. Yes, Web 2.0.. social sites, user generated content sites have definitely changed how we can do marketing online, it made it easier.

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