Old Navy Using Weekend Sale to Build Mailing List; Send SPAM

I am certain they already have one or several, as it makes sense for a clothing chain that big to have one. However it looks like Old Navy is collecting even more emails through the current sale and using is going to benefit from all the data they collect and likely will have the opportunity to directly market to buyers
based on your purchase.

I rarely walk in to a brick and mortar store to shop, well firstly because I rarely shop. Second reason is, shopping online is just more convenient, and I don’t end up feeling like an idiot cutting in to check out and someone telling me out loud, “there’s a line back here.”

To make a long story short, upon paying for the purchase I get asked for my email address, and while I could have probably declined, I thought I’d go with it to see how Old Navy will use the information they have about my purchase, and if they were going to send me any unsolicited email. I gave the cashier an email address I rarely use.

But what kind of information does Old Navy actual get from this?

Aside from what was purchased and an email address associated with a purchase, they know what items are most popular, for what pricing, in what location, and whole lot more which I will not get into now.

The most important question is, will Old Navy SPAM me with unsolicited email? The answer, YES.

When I was asked by the cashier for my email address, I asked what for and she replied “for the receipt.” She did not say any more.

When I gave her my email address, the understanding there is that is the only purpose for the email address request. If Old Navy sends me an email whether marketing or not, this is spam because I did not request for them to send me anything through email and would then be sending me an unsolicited message. They did not ask for my permission to send me email, and so did not get any so they should not be sending me an email.

Well, as it turns out.. they did send me an email immediately after purchase, sending me a copy of their receipt and a survey.

The rule of thumb in collecting emails for marketing purposes is, always get explicit approval and the person giving you their email address should know what you will use the email address for, otherwise you will be sending out SPAM just like Old Navy did.

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