New blog post title on WebProNews reads PPC Vs SEO; the new post features a video clip showing an interview with Kristine Churchill of KeyRelevance shot during the recent SES in Chicago.

Some people will say PPC is better because of this and that; the others on the other side of the fence say SEO is better because of so and so. With all that is being said, you now believe that you actually need to pick a side; you feel the urgency to decide whether you are pro PPC and anti SEO or vice versa.

What many people do not realize is that both PPC and SEO, being the traffic generation methods that they both are, are actually equally important for any online marketing strategy since they both achieve specific goals that are unique for each, objectives that the other may fail to accomplish.

You cannot absolutely choose one over the other because doing so would be like deciding what you want to have all day long — daytime or night, which is just not possible. If you are not familiar with the distinct features and difference between SEO and PPC, click this link http://www.magrointernational.com/PayPerClick/SEOvsPPC.aspx

Again I stress, PPC and SEO are both important. PPC delivers quick traffic especially to websites that have just rolled out and without any incoming links or organic rankings. If you were one such website owner, PPC allows you to get stats rolling in that you may examine, evaluate and use as basis for optimizing your content to improve engagement or conversions, and optimizing your traffic generation or online advertising activities that would likely include ranking for search queries organically which are the result of SEO activity.

Here is that interview with Kristine Churchill.

Image Source: www.magrointernational.com

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