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  1. Roy! I need to talk to you again! asap!

    Hola Roy,

    Saw your recent [well-run] promo for YC4I and just knew that if I could secure the rights to this product I am about to show you, then you would, and should, be first on my list to get in contact with.

    So what’s going on?

    OK, very recently, like within the last few hours literally, we just put pen-to-ink and secured the Distribution Rights to an underground Affiliate Info Product, which is based around dominating at MSN’s adCenter, the still relatively new (read: almost Virgin-like) PPC platform that powers Microsoft’s core advertising offerings including MSN and the newer LIVE SERVICES…

    Anyway, this “new” book is a fascinating read, and it covers in-depth 6 pretty inventive Strategies and 9 advanced Techniques that ‘should’ lead Readers on to generating some quick, easy cash from buying traffic more profitably at MSN adCenter, and likewise some easy returns for yourself too, just for telling a few folks about this manuscripts existence … and the upcoming very Limited-Cycle-Release…

    Short Story Long…

    It retails for $247 and is available ONLY ‘By Invitation’, with an even more potent “Ultra-BlacK-Hat” version available for almost $800, but BH marketers of that calibre are very scarce on the ground.

    Anyway, as I said at the beginning, we’ve just secured new Distribution Rights to change much of that, but for a <>

    So my man, please let me know your thoughts ASAP… This opportunity may not suit your type of lists… Or it could be one of the most profitable ventures to ever come across your desk so effortlessly. 😉

    Liz Lance

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