SEO is Feng Shui for Websites

Happy Chinese New Year to friends and some of my relatives!

I thought I’d write this post, and say SEO is actually Feng Shui for websites… a fitting and timely post for the Chinese New Year.

A lot of people believe SEO to be mysterious and difficult. I disagree.

First, what likely makes it mysterious is the fact that the rules to ranking well through SEO are not known, since these rules change often. Google itself may not even know with certainty how it ranks a website since the algorithm is composed of so many rules, and likely different teams working on each.

Second… SEO being difficult. It has actually become even easier, so easy that anyone can do it and what has made it easy is that there are so many social sites and user generated sites out there that are high authority high traffic websites that can be leveraged to achieve SEO goals.

But what is SEO?

To simplify, SEO is a traffic generating strategy that involves improving both website content (design, layout, structure, etc) and website visibility / accessibility on other sites (through links) that result in better visibility on search engines for keyword searches made by your desired visitors or target audience.

What is Feng Shui?

While there are several mysterious sounding esoteric definitions of Feng Shui, I subscribe to the idea that it is the practical placement and arrangement of items, ideas, designs or things that create the least resistance to movement or use and thus enhance efficiency or productivity.

In Relation to Your Website Attributes

Each and every item on your website and each of the pages have a purpose and that is to lead a visitor to perform a specific conversion goal.

At the page level, each and every page has to have the right layout, design, use the right images and the right text in order to make the visitor’s experience on that page fluid and with least resistance. They are guided smoothly to what you eventually want them to do.

At the website level, all pages and their content are connected together through a well thought out structure of links, making visitor navigability and ease of going from one page to the next, the top priority.

In Relation to Your Website Visibility / Accessibility

Now that you have optimized your website you would need to invite people to see it. Much like a well appointed home which you have spent a lot of time decorating, making sure to arrange everything in a manner that feels comfortable and stress free… you would then invite people to your home.

To get people to visit your home on the web, you would need to create action on other websites where people you would want visiting your home are found. What I mean by creating action is to initiate contact or activity such as being proactive on social media and social networking sites, interacting with other people and making sure that there is a link within those interactions so that people you interact with as well as people following the discussion can visit your website through those links.

You would need to also choose the right places/website, use the right words to get attention, and use the right offer or incentives that would make people want to visit your website.

Simplified.. that is how SEO actually works… ensuring your website is ready to welcome visitors from all the links you have been able to create on the web, that in turn yields more visitors that find you through rankings on search engines for keywords relevant to content on each of the pages of your website.

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