SEO Vs Social Media: Neither is Better

A new post on Jeremy Schoemaker’s blog reads “”.

The post basically tries to determine which traffic generation strategy is better, SEO or Social Media, and in a way concludes that neither is better; SEO is the term that cold unfeeling tech geeks inevitably prefer to use while the more warm and gregarious folks fall under the Social Media.

While I agree to that neither is better than the other, I have different reasons. I believe them to be equally important.

Many people view SEO as a cause, a means to achieve a result… however I have a different perspective on SEO. SEO is actually a result that begets more results.

Let us assume you have an effective website, optimally set up that engages visitors well regardless of traffic source; search engine traffic or referred from social media, and you need to send visitors to that site, what do you do?

You build links! Make sure you observe good link building practices, ensure that your links are found on highly relevant websites or web pages that would ensure high click rates on your links from those pages. Social Media has been an effective way of getting traffic because of the high level of traffic Social Media sites typically have.

Proper link building results in good SEO results (better rankings for relevant keywords), which in turn leads to more traffic. A key part of good SEO is good link building tactics which includes activities on Social Media.

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