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Not Enough to Rank #1 on Google

ShareTweet I’ve had number 1 spots for various keywords in different niches and from what GWT tells me, the highest CTR I could get from being at the top spot is only 35%. Why? Check…

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How to Get a Blog Indexed Fast on Google

ShareTweet How to get a blog indexed on Google seems to be every blogger’s dilemma. Getting indexed on Google simply means, Google is aware of your website and has a copy of the pages found…

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Google Penalizes JC Penney, Overstock

ShareTweet Google has been very busy lately.. levying penalties on JC Penney and Overstock just weeks apart and making some tweaks in their algorithm which is said to devalue certain types of pages. I have…

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Inside Google Instant: How It Works

ShareTweet Google Instant is a new feature on the Google search engine that is characterized by predictive search and instant filtering of search results. This feature can be turned off and on depending on the…

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Click Distribution on Google’s Top 10

ShareTweet Did you ever wonder how many clicks each spot on Google’s top 10 search results usually gets? A study on Eye-Tracking Analysis of SE Users’ Behavior conducted in Cornell University reveals the following data,…

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WordStream Keyword Tool Demo

ShareTweet Just concluded an interview with Larry Kim of WordStream and he showed us an onpage SEO tool that would help website owners and bloggers develop content for their pages and find the right words…

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