The Tiger Woods Scandal: An Online Reputation Management Nightmare

When the Tiger Woods scandal first broke out with the accident at his home, people were not sure what the story was about because Tiger was not saying anything for several days and as we later find out, it was probably what his team of PR people advised him to do, maybe thinking that the story would blow over and be forgotten.

Unfortunately a lot of evidence had been leaked out to the press which had to do with Tiger Woods cheating on his wife, not only once but several times. It is rather difficult to keep a story under wraps today especially  with the internet available to so many, who are also able to use easily use social sites to talk about a story. The story of course went viral, FAST…. with his voice mail recording mixed into an RNB slow jam and made into a video on YouTube, plus transcripts of text messages finding their way to blogs and forums.

Another woman has been linked to Tiger Woods and this one is 48 years old. Or as Tiger refers to her, “my senior tour.” – Conan O’Brien

After all that I have seen and heard I have to say, this is one major PR nightmare that might have been quickly managed had we been in the 80s where today’s world wide web were non existent and social sites used as viral mediums of information were non existent. Every little bit of dirt on the story can be found online… and so we ask, can all that negative publicity online be managed?

Interestingly, someone believes so.

I found this article on Online Reputation Management and how the Tiger Woods story was a . The conclusion to the story is, if you have money you can probably manage it, and Tiger does, so he likely can, in fact from what I have been seeing lately I think they have started to do so.

Incidentally here is a story that will answer your question on what .

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  1. Carla Espinosa | February 8, 2010 at 5:14 am |

    I terribly feel bad about what happened to golf legend Tiger Woods. You’re right. If something like this happened to him in the 80’s it would have been more easily managed, but right now, with today’s technology, it is very easy to spread nasty PRs or pictures. I read online that Tiger Woods is actually in a sex rehab at present. Is it true? If it is not, then they better manage Woods’ online reputation ASAP because it’s slowly going down the drain.

    I’m recommending Reputation Technologies because I, myself, have personal experience with them and they got rid of the bad press immediately. They managed my online reputation pretty well. I’m glad I went with their services. I think Tiger would be too, if it’s not too late.

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