Twitter: Is it Worth the Effort?

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak before a group of small business owners who wanted to know how they could market their businesses online through a website.

While a lot of questions were posed, one topic that kept popping up and which lead to an interesting discussion from different participants is Twitter.. if it is really worth considering as a marketing channel. One participant quoted a drop off rate of about 60%.

So is Twitter really worth the time and effort? Here are key points that came up and I wish to underscore for you.

  • Twitter is not a magic bullet solution for improving an online business, it is just another networking opportunity just like any other, a venue for you to meet new people.. whether those relationships become significant.. turn into business opportunities or personal relationships, is up to you and who it is you meet
  • Just like any venue or opportunity to network, results may vary and that would depend largely on the people who are at that venue, or on that channel, and if they would be interested in YOU, who you are and what you have
  • It is about YOU, when you get on a social networking site, people see and get to know you and what you do, if you interest them then good, if they don’t fancy you then no harm no foul, move on… again think of Twitter as simply a virtual version of real life meet ups, mixers and such
  • Since Twitter is a medium to network and build relationships, then leverage on that opportunity, the chance to establish, build and maintain relationships that CAN lead to business opportunities, establish your authority and earn trust.

A lot of people have this misconception about Twitter and I think it is primarily the fault of Internet Marketers who sell information products and software that are to do with Twitter, a key part of their marketing focuses on huge income generated from Twitter. So that people are then lead to believe that Twitter is the ultimate solution to improving a business on the internet.

So, should you Twitter?

My honest answer would be, it depends on your results.. Like any marketing activity you undertake, you need to have some sort of way to gauge results of your actions, so if you are on Twitter your metrics may be things like traffic sent from Twitter, click through rate on your links, number of people following you, number of mentions of your name or number of ReTweets other people give you.. and maybe ultimately number of sales generated from people as a result of your correspondence or contact with them on Twitter

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  1. I still think Twitter is worth the time, yes, we can get a lot out of Twitter if we learn how to listen and you’ve said “it depends on your results”

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