Verizon Nexus One Delay Benefits Verizon and Google

A lot of Verizon subscribers have been waiting for the Google Nexus One, but it seems it would be in both Verizon and Google’s interests to delay.. for Verizon it gives them time to get rid of some of their 3g smart phones Palm Pre Plus and Pixi whose prices they have slashed down to $49.99 and $29.99. While Google, well, best not go head to head with the currently launching iPad from Apple which is making waves this weekend.

Apple’s new iPad hit stores just this morning and here in San Francisco, people in the hundreds have been lining up… some had been there all night, other had arrived early that morning.

I am guessing they will wait about a week or two, so the iPad launch will come to pass, and Verizon users who had gotten iPads or have an interest in them won’t be distracted and will give their undivided attention to the Nexus One Verizon version, when it is finally made available.

Apple Store on Stockton Street, San Francisco at 7am Saturday

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  1. Yeah cuz releasing the info in Jan didn’t get our attention. What a good idea wait 5 months to release it and it will be obsolete!

  2. This would make sense, if the iPad was a phone.

  3. It may be a different product, but it it still appeals to the same audience.

    To illustrate, picture if you will two street vendors, one selling soda and the other selling ice cream. They both sell at a street corner in summer when people want something to cool them or quench them. If they both occupy the same street corner they will make half the money they could have made if they each occupied different street corners. Their market of people who come upon them on the same corner will have to choose, soda or ice cream.

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