Wikipedia Blackout: How to Use Wikipedia for Next 24 Hours While on SOPA Protest

The Wikipedia blackout is a big surprise to many users of the web’s free encyclopedia as they restrict access to their pages for 24 in protest of the SOPA.

Likely be a huge inconvenience to many loyal users, but it is for a good cause. But for those who cannot live without Wikipedia even for a day, here is how you can use it courtesy of a friendly search engine, Google.

Here’s how.
1. Do a normal search on google, for instance, Puerto Rico
2. On Google’s search result page, find the wikipedia link, click it.. you will get a black screen
3. Hit the back button to take you back to Google’s search results page, then copy the URL as you see on google, in this case.. “
4. Still on Google, on the space above, type cache: and then paste the copied URL, it would appear as then hit enter
5. You will now see that Wikipedia page on Puerto Rico, courtesy of Google

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