YouTube Marketing for Musicians

So you might have not heard of YouTube marketing before, or thought that YouTube was just another site where you can put up videos for fun. YouTube is the most authoritative video site with the most number of videos and highest traffic, and one of the most expensive websites to ever get sold (bought for gazillions by Google some years back).

There are a lot of really talented musicians, songwriters and artists who try to find ways to get their music across to their audience. In the old days, getting your music heard meant trying to play as many gigs and venues to as many people possible… then maybe give away a few cassettes here and there.

Radio and other broadcast media is also helpful, but it is not easy getting your music played over the radio, even more difficult is getting an interview or getting asked to do a few songs live on air. Having been on radio for about a decade, and a marketing and program director for some, I know how radio stations decide on which music to play, which acts to feature.

This is why today, with the internet fast and reliable (at least faster than when it was first commercially available little over 10 years ago at turtle speed), musicians have found that inexpensive yet equally effective medium of spreading music… YouTube!

So if you are a musician reading this, and want more people to view your videos on YouTube, this is how to do it.

Let’s say you just came from a gig, a good gig, a good crowd. You brought the house down and they loved your songs. Where do you think they are going to start heading?

Chances are they are going to go online, head over to Google and start typing your band name or your own name and find out where you are playing next and if they could hear your songs, or watch your other performances. Others go straight to YouTube and type your name.

So here’s a question… when you type your own name on Google or on YouTube, are you anywhere among the top results? At the bottom of the page? Or are you listed at all?

If not, well here are a few tips to help ensure that your YouTube video gets found on searches done on YouTube and even on Google.

Tip 1 – It’s All About Keywords

Keywords are words or phrases that people use when searching for information online, they do that on Google and on YouTube. If you know what keyword people are likely to search for, and in your case, your band name or your name, you need to make sure that your name is found:

– in the title of the YouTube video
– in the description of the YouTube video
– used as tags

Tip 2 – Tell The Viewer What To Do Next
Viewers who watch your video will not stay until the very end of the video if they did not like what they saw. So if they do, then that is a really good sign, they are open to what you will tell them. At the end of the video, encourage them to do any or all of these things:
– rate your video
– leave a comment
– spread the video to their friends
– publish it on their own blogs so their own blog visitors can watch it
– bookmark it on social bookmarking sites
– or click a link to your main site

Tip 3 – Leave a Link So They Know Where To Go

At the very beginning of the video description, put a link to your website, fansite, MySpace site, Twitter account or Facebook account. That way you will be growing your network, increasing your audience, a potentially large captured market who you can directly message if you have announcements, show schedules or new music to test.

I hope those tips are helpful. Remember one very important thing, YouTube has very high traffic and funneling that traffic to your own sites is key to building a bigger audience, getting more people to hear and appreciate your music… and getting your video popular, and getting your brand, or name found at the top of results when people search for them is driven by the number of views of your video, the number of comments and rates, the number of embeds your video has on other websites and finally the number of links pointing to your video.

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